Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jailbreaking and Innovation

Earlier today I was thinking about jailbreaking iDevices, and how the jailbreak community has accomplished some amazing things.  Think about it, they aren't like the developers and programmers at Apple or Google who get paid to sit there and do their thing.  Most of them are doing this for fun, or very little money.  Yet, even facing those things, they've done some truly astounding things.  And I don't necessarily mean just the hacks and modifications that they've produced, but also the fact that the iPhone and it's operating system wouldn't be where it's at today in terms of features if it weren't for those courageous jailbreakers, who've said 'f**k you Apple, I don't like this.'

Some of the first and major examples would be Installer and Cydia. If it werent' for their creation and popularity then the much touted App Store probably wouldn't exist, or at least it wouldn't be the same.

This got me thinking, In the whole iPhone and jailbreak escapade, it's the people who rebeled, the people who stepped on Apples toe's, it's those people who have driven the innovation we see in todays current releases.  The same people who are still driving innovation today, and surely will continue to do the same in the future.

This got me thinking again, and I asked myself "has it always been like this?"

And from what I remember about history, yes, for the most part, the people who break the rules and rebel are the ones who lead innovation.

So in your everyday life, every once in a while, think about breaking a rule or two.  You never know what may happen if you do.


  1. good point you have there. Its true to, all the best philosophers strayed away from the thinking of their time

  2. Good stuff. I'm down with breaking some rules every now and then.

  3. very interesting
    keep up the good work