Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Computer Professor

Since my computer professor seems to keep making typos during lectures and tests, and since i got a fair response from the first one I posted, I figured I would make this a regular thing. Btw the teachers name is Mrs. Yu, so in the comments try and come up with a name for this hopefully bi-weekly post.

Now, onto Thursdays mess up:

Viruses, Vorms, and Other Attacks

 anyone one ever heard of a vorm before?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Up and coming band you should listen to

The Rassle.  A band made up of members from three other bands (former members of The Young Lords, The Virgins, and The Takeover UK), is starting make some serious waves in the New York City music scene.  Should definitely give them a listen as I think we'll be hearing a lot more from them, at least I hope so.

If you want a quick sampling of their sound then watch one of their youtube videos

You can also download their EP for free from their website right here

lemme know what ya think.

Batman sequal news!!!

That one right there...
yes the third one...
No it won't have the Riddler in it...
and it's also going to be called The Dark Knight Rises...
I know, I know...
I was drunk with some friends one night and we agreed that I'd call it the first name that we could come up with!!!!1

Anyways! The ever impenetrable fortress of information that is Chris Nolan stated in an interview with the LA Times that the Riddler was not going to be the villain in the upcoming third installment of this batman franchise, and he also revealed that the title would be 'The Dark Knight Rises'

please, do comment and share with me your opinions on these latest announcements.

Man tattoos his own eyeballs.

This guy is crazy, he estimates that about 98% of his body is tattoed, so he decided to go one step further, and tattoo his eyeballs!

Think about it! he actually stuck a needle in his eyballs and injected ink, and he did it to himself.

Anyways you can see him and his Tattoed eyeballs <- right there.

Ohio; No more snow days!

So, there's some rural (or at least that's what people are calling it on other websites) city in Ohio that is planning on doing away with snow days!!!  Instead the students will have to get on their computers, go online and continue learning from there.  Firstly, I'm not in grade school anymore, but I hate the sound of that.  Snow days were those magical days that came along every so often, when we could wake up, say 'screw you school!' and then go do something fun with our friends (unless your parents were strict and made you stay home).  Secondly most of the other articles I've seen on this subject express some concern about whether all of the students have access to computers and the internet at their homes.  My major question is "Who cares if they don't have it right now, most people do, what about on the snow days, when theres been a snow storm, and theres possibly people without electricity, or internet services, what are they gonna do?"  I mean come on it is Ohio!  They do get their fair share of snow.

Also saw something about some new reports saying that over the past decade there have been over 1200 new plant and animal species discovered in the amazon...but...who really cares about that.  No snow days in Ohio is much more important.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You've gotta watch out for those Cyberterroists

I was in my computer class yesterday.  The teacher was doing a Powerpoint about the ehtical issues of computer use - YAWN - when she got to this slide me and a buddy noticed she had made an error.  for some reason we couldn't stop laughing, then everyone was looking at us.  For some reason no one else noticed it!

Spontaneous and Impulsive: Sick Muse [Official Music Video - HD] - METRIC

Spontaneous and Impulsive: Sick Muse [Official Music Video - HD] - METRIC: Music video from Metric, it's an interesting video, but the song, I love a lot.

Check it out, while your there go ahead and follow Spontaneous and Impulsive's blog, he posts a lot of great stuff.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Apple to buy Sony?!?

MSN Link

In the linked article above the author talks about how Apple might buy Sony.  He shows what both companies have in common.  Apparently Jobs has stated that with Apples current wealth their looking "to make a strategic acquisition or two."  Other possible purchases could be Disney, and Adobe.  I see the later as the most likely to happen as it would be the cheapest, also it would allow apple to possibly put an end to Adobe Premiere Pro, a big competitor to Apple Final Cut Pro, both video editing softwares that hold big stakes in the market (although i hope they don't buy Adobe for fear that they might push for software to be more mac oriented instead of cross-platform(but maybe that's just me being a worrywart))

Whatever Apple decides to do, it is certain to have big reprecutions (good or bad) on the purchased business, and on Apple themselves as there would be new sources of profit for them, but alas they probably still won't lower the prices of the computers by any significant amount....oh well.

Paranormal Activity 2 - It's a sequal that's a prequal!

While I generally don't like spoilers, I will say that PA 2 is both a prequal (which is the main chunk of the movie) and a sequal.  I for one very much enjoyed this second installment in the Paranormal Activity franchise. They stayed true to the original, while still branching out and trying different things. A major difference is that in this number 2 there are multiple different cameras throughout the house, plus a handheld, giving you the ability to see different rooms in the house, while also eliminating a good deal of shaky cam, if you don't particularily like that shooting style then you'll find PA 2 much more palatable then the first.

I say you should see this movie especially if you saw the first, because as I said before, this movie provides both backstory, and a continuation to the original.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Logitech Darkfield

Alright I've been excited for about week now, since a friend showed me a new line of mouses from Logitech.  The new line of mouses is called Darkfield, they use Logitech's new Darkfield Laser Tracking technology, which boasts the ability to be able to accurately track across glass and carpeting.  This is very exciting, as it will finally allow me to buy a glass desk and not have to worry about having a mousepad.  The specific mouse pictured above is the Performance Mouse MX, this is the one I'm looking at getting.  It's $99.99, that may seem a little pricey, but I've been a long time logitech user, and love their mouses (absolutely love my MX518).  There are some more affordable options, so if your interested definitely check out the link below.

My blog!

This is my first ever blog post.  It feels pretty good.  Anyways, I hope to post at least once a day on things that matter to me.  Which means just about everything.  Things like the movie industry, cars, politics, music, and ummm, oh yeah!  Technology.

I hope you enjoy whatever I post about.