Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ohio; No more snow days!

So, there's some rural (or at least that's what people are calling it on other websites) city in Ohio that is planning on doing away with snow days!!!  Instead the students will have to get on their computers, go online and continue learning from there.  Firstly, I'm not in grade school anymore, but I hate the sound of that.  Snow days were those magical days that came along every so often, when we could wake up, say 'screw you school!' and then go do something fun with our friends (unless your parents were strict and made you stay home).  Secondly most of the other articles I've seen on this subject express some concern about whether all of the students have access to computers and the internet at their homes.  My major question is "Who cares if they don't have it right now, most people do, what about on the snow days, when theres been a snow storm, and theres possibly people without electricity, or internet services, what are they gonna do?"  I mean come on it is Ohio!  They do get their fair share of snow.

Also saw something about some new reports saying that over the past decade there have been over 1200 new plant and animal species discovered in the amazon...but...who really cares about that.  No snow days in Ohio is much more important.


  1. wow thats messed up. lucky they cant pull that shit with floridas hurricane days.

  2. wow I didn't know they had hurricane days in Florida! Guess yall have to make up for no snow somehow.

  3. Must be a sad world you live in, without snow