Thursday, October 28, 2010

Batman sequal news!!!

That one right there...
yes the third one...
No it won't have the Riddler in it...
and it's also going to be called The Dark Knight Rises...
I know, I know...
I was drunk with some friends one night and we agreed that I'd call it the first name that we could come up with!!!!1

Anyways! The ever impenetrable fortress of information that is Chris Nolan stated in an interview with the LA Times that the Riddler was not going to be the villain in the upcoming third installment of this batman franchise, and he also revealed that the title would be 'The Dark Knight Rises'

please, do comment and share with me your opinions on these latest announcements.


  1. Pretty interested in this wonder who the villain will be for this movie.

  2. nice, love the batman-episodes!

  3. I really hope the villian is the penguin I love the penguin lmao

  4. Batman is awesome, will see this.
    Will follow when I can, my computer is messign up right now.

  5. Just saw the Dark Knight. VERY excited for this. Too bad its going to take a long long time.

  6. kinda boring title i wonder who the villain will be

  7. so i herd the penguins gonna be the villain in this one

  8. don't care just waiting on the captain america movie

  9. FUCK YEA.

    But no Riddler makes me sad.

  10. Damn I can't wait for that shit. Last movie was so good, too bad the joker can't be in it... RIP

  11. glad there will be no riddler - that dude needs to stay in comics, he comes of super lame on screen.
    I heard the guy from inception will be in rising?

  12. Let's see who they come up with, Scarecrow would be amazing due to the psychic stuff, on the other hand they could really re-use Penguin. That gentleman is one fine villain.