Monday, October 25, 2010

Logitech Darkfield

Alright I've been excited for about week now, since a friend showed me a new line of mouses from Logitech.  The new line of mouses is called Darkfield, they use Logitech's new Darkfield Laser Tracking technology, which boasts the ability to be able to accurately track across glass and carpeting.  This is very exciting, as it will finally allow me to buy a glass desk and not have to worry about having a mousepad.  The specific mouse pictured above is the Performance Mouse MX, this is the one I'm looking at getting.  It's $99.99, that may seem a little pricey, but I've been a long time logitech user, and love their mouses (absolutely love my MX518).  There are some more affordable options, so if your interested definitely check out the link below.


  1. I have the slightly older version of that Logitech (w/ the docking station) and love it, I think I'll be upgrading to this new one!

  2. i cant tell if your serious or not... a glass desk with no mousepad? that sounds unpleasant.

  3. @Charles: well, no, i'm not being completely serious, there was somewhere on the site that it said it would work on glass, I thought that was really cool, not necessarily pratical though.